About us


The Mezzanine Flooring Company, part of Filplastic UK Ltd,  has established itself as one of the UK’s leading mezzanine floor suppliers.

The Mezzanine Flooring Company (Filplastic UK Ltd) has been installing mezzanine floors for over 25 years throughout the UK. We provide a quality, professional service from start to finish, including FREE CAD design and layout service.

We use high specification materials for your mezzanine floor and incorporate unique design features as standard.

Our Mezzanine floors are bespoke: designed by Chartered Engineers to meet individual customer requirements,
whilst taking into account the unique requirements of each site.

Our project managers are fully qualified Structural Engineers with years of experience installing mezzanine floors,
they will be able to advise you on all aspects of your new mezzanine floor.

We can also offer staircases and balustrades, handrails, pallet gates, staircase enclosures and fire protection – everything you need to complete your mezzanine floor.




1. How do I know I’m giving the correct technical information about my mezzanine floor? If you are unsure about something just give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

2. How important is it that the information I provide is accurate? Our fully qualified Structural Engineers with extensive industry experience, are fully equipped to advise you on all aspects of your new mezzanine floor, we provide a Fee CAD design and layout service, so we can make sure your measurements are accurate.

3. Are Mezzanine floors expensive? Not necessarily, our efficient Engineers are so good at working out the most efficient method of constructing that we remain highly competitive. Why don’t you obtain a quote and see for yourself?

Building Regs

4. What about Building Regulations, who makes sure the mezzanine design, manufacture and installation is fully compliant? We will. On most projects The Mezzanine flooring Company takes full responsibility for this aspect. We will ensure that every aspect of the build is fully checked and approved.

5. What about planning permission, is this needed for a mezzanine floor? Unless prohibited by a condition attached to a previous consent the answer is no as long as the changes are internal. The Government has, however, been trying to control the expansion of retail floor space in out-of-town developments and has brought in legislation requiring planning permission for floors above 200m². It is permitted, however, to add several floors, each just below the 200m² limit without requiring planning consent.

6. Once the order has been placed, how quickly will things get moving? Site surveys and inspections are conducted within one week of the order being placed with The Mezzanine flooring Company and are carried out by our own professional surveyor. Having this expertise in-house allows us to respond quickly and to ensure that the surveyor is very familiar with site requirements and specific issues surrounding the erection of mezzanine floors.


The Mezzanine Flooring Company provide a free CAD design layout service, with no obligation. Contact one of our area representatives to pop in for a chat to see what your requirements are.